Attitude Sports has added Blizzard to the already impressive line-up of skis currently on the wall. 

Making skis in Austria since 1945, Blizzard has nearly always held a podium spot or two in the World Cup standings.  Now, with the partnering with Tecnica boots, and a new look at the industry, Blizzard is emerging as one of the new players in the overall ski market.

Attitude Sports pulled the trigger this year almost entirely because of the on-snow demo we did last spring.  Blizzard had some of the most impressive skis for not only the race crew, but for the cruisers, all-mountain guys, and women.

Look for some on-snow demos this year.  We know once you ski them, you'll want them, just like we did.



Blizzard Flipcore is a revolutionary new rocker technology. Natural spring, lightweight floatation in powder, while yet retaining excellent stability are the immediate advantages of Blizzard’s new construction. All of this is made possible through the flipped wood core (the ski is actually made upside down in the mold), whose downward-facing convex side forms the natural rocker. The natural rocker shape is produced without having to bend or artificially shape the ski in a press. The end result is a new rockered construction that reaches a new level of stability and even pressure distribution that is unheard of in freeride ski construction.

IQ Power

IQ POWER is a full suspension technology that has an integrated dampening and binding system that provides maximum on-snow stability with excellent rebound energy. A carbon fiber interface with camber is built into the ski resulting in a high performance ski that is very easy to handle and gives back energy. Built directly into the binding system, is a bi-directional floating piston oil damping system that reduces vibration up to ten times faster. The combination of the two systems makes up IQ POWER.


Blizzard offers Vertical Sidewall in every ski that is produced. Sidewall makes the ski extremely stable and durable.


The Slider is extremely innovative because it is a true system interface that provides all of the system benefits, tremendous versatility, power, adjustability, & flex but allows you to use any binding of any type. The Slider works with any IQ Max ski (and only IQ Max). You can mount ANY binding from ANY company onto the Slider (Alpine, Tele, and AT). Therefore, you could have one pair of Blizzard Skis with three different Slider set ups depending on what you felt like doing that day. (this saves you from having to buy multiple pairs of skis) The Slider also addresses the standing position adjustment problem. The Slider itself has 7 cm worth of adjustability. Bindings are then mounted on the Slider like traditional bindings are mounted on a flat ski. Therefore you have the additional opportunity to mount the binding wherever you like on the Slider, this results in essentially limitless standing position options.

Power Frame

Powerframe is material that is built into the top-sheet of the ski.This material stores energy that gives the ski a snappy, lively response when pressure is being applied. Powerframe allows the ski to adjust in different conditions allowing the ski to always perform at its best.

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