Gnu was created in a hypothermia induced delirium in the early 80's by Mike Olson who has been building snowboards since 1977. Mike Pioneered Deep sidecuts and too many other odd things to mention here.  Today Mike has been joined by a Gnu intellectual spiritual creative collective who’s body temperatures have climbed to near fever levels. Mind and performance expanding philosophies, geometries, materials and technologies spawned in the resulting creative delirium have been incorporated into this year’s Gnu body of work.

See galaxies, earth, nature and humans as they really are, recognize simple anatomical designs and patterns that are all around us. Complexity becomes simplicity, solutions appear in our minds as bright colored gifts. Synchronization and balance achieved through awareness and a harmonizing oppositional interaction with natural asymmetry. The Impossible becomes possible. Every gnu is still handbuilt by snowboarders with jobs in the USA just like the were in the beginning.

Now even weirder!


Gnu Tech at Attitude SportsGnu Tech at Attitude Sports


Attitude Sports has Burton Snowboards Attitude Sports has Lib Tech Snowboards Attitude Sports has Never Summer Snowboards Attitude Sports has 32 Snowboard Boots Attitude Sports has Ride Snowboards

Attitude Sports has Dakine Snowboard Accessories

Attitude Sports has Union Snowboard Bindings Attitude Sports has the Spacecraft Collective Atittude Sports has Gnu Snowboards

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