2004 - Haase's first RAAM.  Although he rode a strong race and captured the hearts of America with his effort, he was forced to drop out 2,600 miles into the race due to hyponaremia (a potentially fatal illness charcaterized by an abnormally low level of sodium in the blood associated with dehydration).  The effort was captured in the film that aired on NBC Sports called "Race Across America" produced by Stephen Auerbach.

2005 - 4th Place Overall.  Haase was the top American finisher.  Haase's effort,

along with others, was depicted in the award-winning movie "Bicycle Dreams," a film by Stephen Auerbach.

2006 - 4th Place Overall and again was the top American finisher.

2008 - 3rd Place and once again the top American finisher.  Haase's finishes are still the top American finish since 2005.

2015 - 2nd Place with a time of 8 Days, 20 Hours, 6 Minutes.  Top American.  Fastest American since 1999.  Fastest non-winning time ever.  Named King of the Plains for the fastest split time through the Great Plains.

Endurance and Racing Results


8th Place and first American to ever finish the Race Across the Alps, a 350 mile race in the Italian Alps.


1st Place 48-Hour Mountain Bike Solo Ulracentric Experience.  Dave completed more than 356 miles in 43 laps.


Leadville Race Series participant.  The Leadville Race Series consists of a Trail Marathon, Leadville Silver Rush 50 Mile Mountain Bike Race or Silver Rush 50 Mile Trail Run Race, LT100 10K, Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race, and the Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run.


1st Place 2011 Solo Endurance Hoodoo 500


3rd Place 24 Hour World Time Trial Championship

Leadman Finisher.  Finished all five Leadville Race Series Events within the designated cut-off times for each.


9th Place Race Around Slovenia, a 1205km Ultra distance race.

1st Place Texas Time Trials UMCA 500 Mile World Champion


1st Place Almanzo Alexander 385 Mile Gravel Road Race

1st Place Race Across Oregon

2nd Place Texas Time Trials UMCA 500 Mile

1st Place Hoodoo 500 Voyager Division.  Haase set a course record in the unsupported Voyager division with a time of 33h 56m, besting the winner of the supported division by almost 3 hours.

24th Overall Dirty Kansa.  A 200 mile gravel road bike race.


5th Place Frozen Otter 64 mile snow-covered trail run through the Kettle Moraine in Wisconsin.

1st Place Silver State 508.  Randonneur division.  508 mile unsupported road race on Highway 50 in Northern Nevada.