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Sun Bicycles Traditional Trike 24
If you've got cycling on your mind but crave the added stability and comfort of three wheels, then the Traditional Trike is what you're looking for. Our trike is specifically designed with an ultra-low step through frame, like our Streamway, for easy on and off access. Once seated, you immediately notice the impressive comfort of the tractor style saddle. If bigger is better, then Sun hit pay dirt. - High-tensile steel easy step-through frame with compatibility for optional direct mount rear derailleur and disc brake - Single-speed gearing (Internal 3-speed, Internal 5-speed and 7-speed derailleur kits available for purchase separately) - Alloy linear-pull front brake with brake lever actuated parking lock (Rear axle disc brake caliper kit available for purchase separately) - Single wall alloy rims with stainless steel spokes - 24 x 1.75" CST street friendly tires - Sun Trike High Rise steel handlebar - Sun Tractor padded saddle with heavy duty steel base - Steel chain guard - Nickel plated steel front fender - Vinyl coated steel wire basket, 21 x 15 x 9"
Lib Tech Travis Rice Orca
Not your gutless fish. Travis has juiced up this Jackson Hole resort slasher into an apex all terrain tech shred predator. A long floaty nose combined with a powerful poppy contact maximizing short radius “Whale Tail Technology”. A tight 7m trench gougin sidecut. Wide enough to allow you to really put it on a hardpack rail with no toe drag and float pillows like a dream but still narrow enough to be your daily driver all season long. Take it to AK, drop BC pillow stacks or blow minds at the home resort all season. A mammal to eat all fish. TR. Award winning! VOLUME SHIFTED, RIDE THIS BOARD 3-6 CM SHORTER THAN YOUR NORMAL BOARD. DREAM DIRECTIONAL SHAPE AND CONTOUR FOR WHAT TRAVIS CALLS FUN APEX FREERIDE POW RIPPER MEETS RESORT SLASHING DAILY DRIVER FLOATY NOSE, TIGHT SIDECUT, MAXIMUM POWER TAIL Travis and Mervin will be donating a portion of the sale of each Orca snowboard to the in support of their efforts to prevent the extinction of the Salish Sea’s Southern Resident Killer Whales. #betheirvoice BOARD ART BY: Mike Parillo (@mikeparillo) Apex predators of our Oceans. This incredible Sentient being, with the gift of echo location and no recorded attack ever on human beings, must have more happening than meets the eye. There have been many witnessed attacks of moose and elk that swim between islands yet this divine cetacean appears to exist on a level where it considers human to be a friend and partner. It is said that whales carry a copy of the Akashic record of humanity within their DNA. Perhaps this is why they seem so excited to spend time in the vicinity of people in the wild. "23 Chromosome pairs we Homo Sapiens possess. Yet every other Ape and Hominid before us, up to just a few hundred thousand years ago, had 24. Perhaps the greatest mystery of our species is what happened with the missing link!?" ~ Travis
Arbor Cosa Nostra 159
The Cosa Nostra is heritage you can see in the El Dorado woodgrain, featuring our Rise Above Plastic R.A.P topsheet - a sustainably sourced Powerply, with zero plastic. This technology delivers a highly responsive ride in a lighter, more responsible way. Its directional surf-inspired shape is mindfully crafted for versatile all-mountain cruising. Integrating System Rocker Technology with a setback design renders a ride-it-all board that finds its potential in the pow.
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