Together We Win... Again

521 Miles.  33 hours 56 minutes.  Race Win.  Course Record.

Just another weekend for our owner, Dave Haase.  Dave went out to Utah to ride some beautiful scenery and bring home some fresh hardware.

Dave rode his Specialized Crux in the Voyageur class which means he was out on the course for 521 miles with no crew, no follow vehicles, and had only what he could carry or get along the way.  Even more amazing is that his time was over 2 hours faster than the Solo Division (with crew) winner's time this year.

Jeric Wilhelmsen from Ultra Racing Network did some great reporting on the Hoodoo 500.  Here is a link to the final report.  Dave is interviewed about 4:30 into the video.

Dave Haase Wins the Race Across Oregon 500 Solo

Attitude Sports owner, Dave Haase spent the weekend exploring the great state of Oregon... and picking up a UMCA North American Championship Jersey. 

Dave finished the 500 mile, climb-heavy course in 32 hours, 15 minutes, 15 seconds.

For all the people who thought Dave was down for the count after the crash in the Commonwealth Classic here in Fond du Lac, let this serve as proof of life.

What's next for Dave?  The HooDoo 500!

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Thank You for a Great Race

Attitude Sports would like to thank everyone who helped make the 2014 Commonwealth Classic a success.

A big thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers, racers, and all those people that just came down to watch and support all the racers and businesses downtown.

We are getting lots of positive feedback from riders and tour officials about the course, volunteers, and support from spectators.

We look forward to making next year's race even better with a larger festival atmosphere, higher preems, and more involvement with downtown businesses.  If you would like to be included, or have ideas of your own, we'd love to hear them.

See you downtown again next year.

- Attitude Sports

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Attitude Sports is proud to announce the arrival of our latest pride and joy.  The Borealis Yampa.  This bad boy is the king of all fat bikes weighing in at just over (or under) the mountain bike your buddy is riding now.

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Or you could always buy it and have no regrets...  ever.

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